Universal Volume Control

The WD media player is an excellent player for all kind of movie files – but it lacks one important feature: volume control. I’ve hooked up a pair of Bose speakers directly to the WD and can only change the volume on the Bose device. This is very unpractical e.g. when working out. Therefore I’ve created a device that can control the volume via any IR remote control. I use the WD remote control’s up and down buttons to control the volume via two digital potentiometers. Everything is connected to a PIC micro controller that operates the whole device. 

Top view of the controller board

The IR receiver is a custom board from ELV (www.elv.de, part number IRE 8) which adds 8 custom control lines for 8 different IR signals. See the schematics and PIC core for more details.

Bottom view
Bottom view

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