6 thoughts on “PixCompare 3.6 released

  1. PixCompare is a really great program. Very fast, very simple, very effective. My only thought so far is that it seems to have trouble dealing with very large file sets. For example, if I try to search for duplicate image files within a directory structure that ultimately contains ~75,000, PixCompare crashes every time. If I break up the job into smaller chunks, it seems fine. I am not sure if it is a memory leak, or if there is a corrupt file that is throwing it off, or if there are characters in a file name that are not acceptable? What happens when PixCompare tries to open files that use oriental character sets? I am using a 2008 Mac Pro with 6GiB of RAM, so it is not running out of CPU time or memory space.

    That aside, while I love free, I have to say, this app would be well worth a modest registration fee.

    1. There are internal limits, currently about 30’000 that can be compared in one run. Personally, I’ve tested it with about 15’000 pictures. Character names shouldn’t be a problem. I did tests with chinese and japanese characters. However, corrupt pictures can be a problem, although most corrupt pictures will just be ignored.

  2. Hi! I felt stupid after last post when I read in your documentation that there was a limit of 30k files. Duh!

    So, that said, where I think you should go with your app … is to work a lot of like Singlemizer, just with smarter analysis and more comparison capability. I am guessing that your core image comparison algorithms are separate from the code that manages the files and how many there are and such…

    And again this is not to complain. I love your app. It should cost money or you should have a donation button setup or something. But if you are thinking about the future of the app, then I think keeping the analysis, but going towards a Singlemizer type interface would be awesome. I wish I could snap my fingers and combine the two! Thanks!

  3. Thank you so very, very much!!! Incredibly cool and useful app— Adobe should be paying you a ridiculous amount of money to integrate this with Lightroom. Cheers, Diz

  4. How can I use PixCompare, which I like very much and for which you should be complimented, to find duplicates images in iPhoto ’11?

    1. Support for iPhoto is currently pretty poor… You can check you pictures, though: Go to your Pictures folder, right-click on the iPhoto library and choose “Show package contents”. Then you can drop a folder from this library onto the open-dialogue of PixCompare. You should not delete pictures from within PixCompare – this could cause a lot of confusion for iPhoto! I’ll try to improve that in future versions.

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