Universal Volume Control

The WD media player is an excellent player for all kind of movie files – but it lacks one important feature: volume control. I’ve hooked up a pair of Bose speakers directly to the WD and can only change the volume on the Bose device. This is very unpractical e.g. when working out. Therefore I’ve created a device that can control the volume via any IR remote control. I use the WD remote control’s up and down buttons to control the volume via two digital potentiometers. Everything is connected to a PIC micro controller that operates the whole device.  Continue reading Universal Volume Control

PixCompare Terminal command

The is the first release of the PixCompare engine for command line use. It takes 2 jpeg files and returns a similarity value.

I have several Axis webcams in use, and sometimes their built-in motion recognition just runs amok – it saves a picture every second even though there is no motion at all. Therefore, before copying the pictures away, I use this command to compare the current picture with the last picture taken. If it is different enough, it gets saved.

Download pixo_cmd

% pixo_cmd picture1.jpg picture2.jpg

It returns a float value 0 or higher, where

  • 0.00 – 2.00 very similar or identical
  • 2.00 – 10.00 pretty similar
  • 10.00 – 20.00 somewhat similar, e.g. some colors are the same
  • > 20.00 different

Carousel barrel organ and Blue Mikey iPhone Microphone

I bought a Blue Mikey microphone for iPhone/iPod to do recordings of concerts and other events. To test it out, I went to a local carousel and made a recording of the barrel organ. I used the free Blue Fire software and started recording. I’m pretty impressed by the sound quality. There was quite some wind and a lot of noise from the people around.

I used Audacity the reduce the rumbling noise from the wind – other than that, it’s the original recording. Check it out (mp3)

The next time I’m going to visit the Musikautomaten Museum in Seewen, I’ll also bring this along and do a couple of recordings.