New version of PixCompare released

I finally had some time to work on PixCompare. Instead of moving the project to Cocoa, I decided to stick with carbon for now. Carbon is still well supported in Leopard and beyond. I updated all deprecated APIs, converted all Quickdraw code to Quartz, and rewrote the whole printing section. I also fixed a few bugs related to scanning.

14 thoughts on “New version of PixCompare released

  1. PixCompare is an excellent tool! I do have some questions. I am attempting to organize approximately 300,000 photos. Needless to say, a very time consuming project.

    1. Can I move ALL duplicates to a separate folder as a batch – not one at a time – with PixCompare?
    2. Can I move ALL duplicates to the trash folder as a batch – not one at a time – with PixCompare?

    Your comments are appreciated.


  2. PixCompare:
    The functions “export results” and “select all” to delete double pics dont work. Or what have I done wrong?


  3. New feature requests

    1) Compare two folders for duplicates. This would basically use the Compare One function and loop through each image in folder “A” and compare it to folder “B”.

    2) Add “Move to folder” to Preferences and allow multiple locations that could be chosen using a Move to menu item under the Action menu. This would allow me to create a compare folder so I can use the Compare two folders function to compare images I get sent to me against my image collection to make sure I don’t have duplicate images.

    3) Add AppleScript actions so we can create scripts to do batch processing.

    Thanks for considering these feature requests!

  4. Good morning,
    First congratulations for your job, this soft is very useful for me.
    Just a question does it works with Iphoto library ? For my side I don’t success to analyse this folder.
    Thank you for your reply.

    1. You can search the iPhoto library, but the problem is, you should not delete anything with PixCompare. You would remove pictures from the library without iPhoto knowing what’s happening. So the iPhoto library could get corrupted. You should always delete pictures from within iPhoto.
      To search pictures within iPhoto, go to your “Pictures” folder and right-click the iPhoto library file. There you can select “Show Package Contents”. A new window will open. Now you can open PixCompare, select “Compare Folder” and drag a folder from newly opened window in the open folder dialog and start searching.

    1. The current version is built for 10.5 and doesn’t use any deprecated system calls. So it should work.
      Still, I’ve moved the project to 10.6 and the latest Xcode and will release a new version once Lion is out and I’ve tested it!

  5. I love this program. It would be nice if you could have the first column have the larger file in it. That way if I choose to delete the smaller file I could delete all items in column 2 without having to look at the file size if they appear to be duplicates.

  6. Now that Lion is out, is the ETA on when the next version will be out? Have you found any issues with Lion that we should be aware of ?


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