I’ve been developing Macintosh applications since 1986. On this website, I’m presenting current, and some of my past projects. Please contact me, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments!

Oliver Dreer, MSc ETH CS
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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello,

    PixCompare helps me a lot when cleaning up the photo-collections of my wife and mine. Fortuntely these was all .jpeg or .jpg.
    My Voila-collection of screenshots unfortunately is in .png. For various reasons I don’t like the idea to convert all screenshots to .jpg but there are a lot of duplicates because of optimization of workflow.

    To clean up the mess I’d greatly appreciate a PixCompare able to use .png.

    Best regards and continue your well appreciated work

    MacBook Pro Late 2011
    Mountain Lion 10.8.3
    PixCompare 3.62

  2. Just wanted to compliment you on PixCompare. I stumbled on it whilst looking for a duplicate detector.

    It has worked flawlessly and detected all the duplicate images I expected to find.

    You are a credit to application programming. Your app is functional, streamlined and unbloated, and it does what is says on the tin!

    Well done and thank you for a brilliant and extremely useful application!

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