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Christmas Music Box with animation

December 13, 2009 by Oliver Dreer | 0 comments

We found this music box in a local antique shop. It’s marked “© Matrix Industries – Made in China”. In the front it says “Family Christmas”. I have no idea where this is from, or how old it is. It features a mechanical music box that also animates 4 figures. If someone has any idea where this could come from, please contact me.

Update: this is a Enesco music box from 1993, called “Decorating Christmas Tree” (#50302) – thanks to PageCreations for the tip!

June 15, 2009
by Oliver Dreer

Jobin Musicboxes

I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube with 2 Jobin musicboxes: 18 notes playing Tschaikovski – Schwanensee 36 notes playing Mozart – Eine kleine Nachtmusik It shows quite nicely the difference between a 18 and 36 notes engine.