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Universal Volume Control

December 15, 2013 by Oliver Dreer | 0 comments

The WD media player is an excellent player for all kind of movie files – but it lacks one important feature: volume control. I’ve hooked up a pair of Bose speakers directly to the WD and can only change the volume on the Bose device. This is very unpractical e.g. when working out. Therefore I’ve created a device that can control the volume via any IR remote control. I use the WD remote control’s up and down buttons to control the volume via two digital potentiometers. Everything is connected to a PIC micro controller that operates the whole device.  View the pictures →

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Projects from the past: LocalLink Controller

May 5, 2012 by Oliver Dreer | 0 comments

The LocalLink controller was my first and only chip design project. It was part of my studies at the ETH Zürich, done in collaboration with my colleague Alex Hueber.

The chip implemented the LocaLink protocol for AppleTalk networks. It was used to connect PC printers to the AppleTalk WAN. A total of 10 chips were fabricated in a CMOS 1.2µm process.

February 17, 2009
by Oliver Dreer

Apple Forever Museum

  Together with some collegues, we started collecting old Apple Computers and related equipment. For a while we had an exhibition in our office. Unfortunately, we had to close that, but most of the machines are still around. The collection … Continue reading