psiconPICTshow for PowerMacintosh and 68K Macintosh (254 kBytes). Latest Version 3.0. (March 1997)

PICTshow 3.0 is a completely rewritten application that includes dozens of new features. The main usage of PICTshow is the display of picture or slideshows. It can also be used to make archives or creates overviews of images.

New features include:

  • Save to Quicktime Movie
  • Multiple Transitions
  • Audio Captions
  • Drag and drop
  • Formats supported: QuickTime Movies, PICT and JPEG pictures, and sound files

Note: Due to licensing restrictions, GIF format was removed in this version.

PICTshow is no longer actively maintained. Therefore its status changed from Shareware to Freeware Oct 16, 1999.