PixVeewPixVeew is a simple any easy picture viewer for the Mac. Its main purpose is to browse quickly through a folder of image files. You can also directly move files to the trash while browsing.


This page is no longer maintained:

Visit the new PixVeew hompage at lakehorn.com.

The old FastPic was developed using the Carbon library, which is no longer properly supported. I had to rewrite the application from scratch for Cocoa. Over time, I’ll add all past features from FastPic plus add new features, some if which will be available in a pro mode only.

This version requires OS X 10.8 or higher. It’s available in english and german language.

Past PixVeew Versions

FastPic 1.21 for OS X 10.2 – 10.7 (95 kBytes). (July 2005)

FastPic is an easy, fast, and small picture viewer. Supports all picture formats, that are supported by Quicktime. You can also use FastPic to create simple contact sheets in various sizes. Contact sheets can be sorted by content! See the readme included in the package for more information.

FastPic 1.21 requires at least 16 MB Video Ram and a recent graphic processor.
Use Version 1.1 if version 1.21 doesn’t work.
FastPic 1.1 requires Mac OS X. Use version 1.0 for OS 9.