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July 1, 2015
by Oliver Dreer

Version 2.1 of PixVeew released

New features / changes:

  • converting pictures to JPEG format (requires plus mode purchase)
  • recompressing JPEG pictures (requires plus mode purchase)
  • Shuffle pictures before slideshow
  • Sharing pictures on Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail…
  • Added support for BMP format
  • Finder service allows adding files/folders directly from the Finder
  • Increased limit to 15.000 pictures
  • fixed broken online help

Visit new PixVeew homepage at lakehorn.com.

June 27, 2015
by Oliver Dreer

Update to PixCompare

New version V4.1(.1) was posted today to the Mac App Store. Update includes:

  • Improved performance on the comparison part of more than 2x
  • Therefore increased limit of number of pictures to 30.000 – on a fast machine it takes about 15 minutes to compare that. (depending on the picture size)
  • Added Finder server so that you can start a compare of a folder directly from within the Finder
  • some bug fixes and improvements to the compare algorithm

Let me know what you think or contact me for improvements or ideas!

Visit PixCompare on the App Store

April 11, 2015
by Oliver Dreer

Updates for PixCompare and PixVeew posted to Mac App Store

Version 4.01 of PixCompare improves comparison performance by more than 2x. Also updated the minimal requirements to Mac OS X 10.8.

Version 1.1 of PixVeew (new name, changed due to already a lot of PixViewer apps floating around). Added some controls in full screen view that were available in the old FastPic. I’ll add more feature from the old apps, but they will be available as an in-app purchase only.


April 4, 2015
by Oliver Dreer

PixCompare 4.0 now available on the Mac AppStore!


Using PixCompare, you can compare picture files to search for duplicates or similar pictures in a large collection of picture files. It works on JPEG, PNG and GIF files.


I finally finished the Cocoa update for PixCompare! This was a complete rewrite, so that current and future Mac OS releases will be supported properly. Starting with this version, I’m also going to charge a small fee for the application. I plan to add new features over the next couple of months, including the now missing printing functionality. If you have any ideas or feature requests, contact me!

March 11, 2015
by Oliver Dreer

PixViewer V1.0 – now available on the Mac AppStore


PixViewer is a simple any easy picture viewer for the Mac. Its main purpose is to browse quickly through a folder of image files. You can also directly move files to the trash while browsing.


The old FastPic was developed using the Carbon library, which is no longer properly supported. I had to rewrite the application from scratch for Cocoa. Over time, I’ll add all past features from FastPic plus add new features, some if which will be available in a pro mode only.

Universal Volume Control

December 15, 2013 by Oliver Dreer | 0 comments

The WD media player is an excellent player for all kind of movie files – but it lacks one important feature: volume control. I’ve hooked up a pair of Bose speakers directly to the WD and can only change the volume on the Bose device. This is very unpractical e.g. when working out. Therefore I’ve created a device that can control the volume via any IR remote control. I use the WD remote control’s up and down buttons to control the volume via two digital potentiometers. Everything is connected to a PIC micro controller that operates the whole device.  View the pictures →

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Projects from the past: LocalLink Controller

May 5, 2012 by Oliver Dreer | 0 comments

The LocalLink controller was my first and only chip design project. It was part of my studies at the ETH Zürich, done in collaboration with my colleague Alex Hueber.

The chip implemented the LocaLink protocol for AppleTalk networks. It was used to connect PC printers to the AppleTalk WAN. A total of 10 chips were fabricated in a CMOS 1.2µm process.