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PixCompareDownload PixCompare for Mac OS X 10.5 and up (577 kBytes). Latest Version 3.62. (Jul 24, 2011) Intel Only, see below for PPC versions.

New in version 3.62

  • move to Xcode 4.1, SDK 10.6
  • various bug fixes
  • dropped PPC support due to move to Xcode 4

New in version 3.6

  • move to jpeg library 8.0 & various speed improvement results in about 30% faster picture loading
  • greatly improved performance on 4/8 core machines (up to twice as fast)
  • borders for printing pictures can be turned on and off
  • fixed various memory leaks
  • ignore iPhoto thumbnails and other spotlight index data
  • fixed bug with alias files

New in version 3.5

  • Complete rewrite of printing-code, removed old quickdraw code to improve 10.5 compatibility
  • Removed 150 dpi option when printing (everything is printed at 300dpi)
  • Added Fast-Jpeg code for printing (Increase by 2x when printing large pictures)
  • various bug fixes that caused crashes
  • moved SDK to 10.5, cleaned all deprecated APIs

This version requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Older Versions:

Using this program, you can compare images files, and print contact sheets. It works natively on Jpeg pictures and supports all Quicktime compatible picture formats.

PixCompare also identifies two pictures if

  • one of them is grayscale
  • they don’t have the same size / aspect ratio
  • they have a different intensity
  • they have a different pixel-depth
  • and when one of them is blurred

PixCompare works best on digital photos.


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  4. Hi, Oliver,

    Tried using PixCompare 3.62 on a 10.7.2 Lion MBP with Core i7 processor against an external disk containing .jpg images. Comparison processing went extremely fast. However, when I attempted to discard the undesired duplicates, PixCompare stated that they were in the trash, yet that did not occur. Never were they moved to the Trash folder. Is this yet another one of Lion’s eccentricities that cause tried and tested programs to fail?

    Thanks for any insights.

    • Yes, that’s Lion related – every volume has it’s own hidden trash. With Lion, I cannot properly access that anymore. You can copy PixCompare to the same volume as the pictures and try again. Also, move at least one item from that disk to the trash, so that the trash folder does exist.
      Eventually, I’ll have to rewrite the whole App for Cocoa, otherwise it won’t run in Mountain Lion at all…
      Regards, Oliver

      • I get the same results on my ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer. Any ETA on when you’ll have the app ready for Mountain Lion?

        Any enhancements you can share for Mountain Lion?


        • I don’t have any plans for Mountain Lion just yet. When it gets out, I’ll make PixCompare work as good as possible. I don’t have an ETA for the Cocoa version though…

          • Any update on Mountain Lion and Cocoa version? I want to upgrade to Mountain Lion but not if PixCompare doesn’t work.

            Thanks for making such a great app!

          • Unfortunately I’m not that far in the implementation of the Cocoa version – I probably have one third… But the current version 3.62 does work on Mountain Lion!

  5. Hi. Just thank you for this app that find better than some commercial apps … even if there are more faulse positive which better than doesn’t find similar files.

  6. Thanks for a brilliant app. You’ve saved me hours of deleting duplicates that regular duplicate finders just can’t find.

  7. Thanks for the great app.

    I’m trying it on Mountain Lion (10.8.2) and it ran and found duplicates on a folder on my NAS device. I went out to the Finder and deleted a couple of the duplicates and now it won’t start up again.

    I’m getting this error message:

    Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

    Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000

    Application Specific Information:
    *** CFRelease() called with NULL ***

    Any thoughts on how to fix this? Any ETA on the new version?


    • PixCompare does have some issues when using it on server volumes or external drives. I haven’t found the cause for that, but expect this to be solved with the new version…

      Unfortunately, I still have no ETA for the Cocoa Version. It does take me more time than I thought!

      If PixCompare won’t startup, the preferences file is most likely corrupted. You can find it in the Library/Preferences folder, called “com.dreer.PixCompare.plist”. Just trash that and try again!

  8. Thanks is large! It works sufficiently well. on Mountain Of lion (10.8.2). Order in the folder of photo has long ago wanted to direct, removed about 2000 photos from the external disk, connected through USB.Thanks!Спасибо еще раз,очень хорошая программа.P.S.Предложение мое вот какое:Чуть доработать и в Аппсторе,и сделать ее платной от 1до5 долларов.Я думаю,что будет очень популярна и востребована,да и деньги не помешают при обновлениях.Все-таки это ведь работа!

  9. Hi Oliver,
    Its really great app! Many thanks!
    How about iPad version?
    Best regards,

  10. Thanks! Works great under 10.8.4 on a mac pro with just one folder! I like how the smaller duplicate is placed on the right. I just wish you could bulk delete all on the right versus just one at a time.

  11. Will you have an update for 10.9 (Mavericks) when it comes out this fall? Any new features? How is the move to Cocoa going?

    Thanks for a great app and the work to keep it current!

    • I haven’t done any tests on Mavericks – if it won’t work, I’ll try to fix the current version, if possible…
      The complete rewrite (for Cocoa) is in an alpha stage, i.e. most of the basic functionality does work, but there is still a lot of tweaking to be done. If Mavericks breaks to Carbon version, I’ll probably release a preview of the Cocoa version.

  12. I love this app and use it a lot.

    What is the plan for Yosemite (10.9)? How is the move to Cocoa going? Will you be moving to Swift now that this officially at 1.0?


    • I plan to start working on the Cocoa version in January and release a beta soon after (on this page). This version will require 10.8 and work up to the latest OSX release. I’ll probably release the final version via Mac appstore. Swift is then something for later…

  13. Thank you so much! This is a great app and I use it very often. And if in the future it will be paid, then be happy to buy it.

    And since you are still working on an update, I wanna ask you to add very desired action: delete all duplicates with score=0.0 that have the smallest size and resolution.

    Once again thank you for your work!

    • I’ll add this to the list of future improvements. The new version will be released soon (early April 2015) on the Mac AppStore. It will cost a few $$$, but I’ll add new features over time!

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